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PreamClean are proud to offer our brick cleaning service to customers of Glasgow, Ayrshire and further afield. This specialised service is suitable for the removal of unsightly staining and growth on all external brickwork, which can help to give your home or business premises a fresh new lease of life. To find out more about this service and the results it can deliver for you, read on.

The PreamClean professional brick cleaning service

We’ve all heard of kerb appeal, and there’s no denying that the outside of a property influences the first impression of visitors. Unfortunately, pollutants, grime, moss, and dirt will, over time, accumulate on the brickwork. This can mean that the brickwork becomes incredibly unsightly, which impacts the overall aesthetic appearance of your home or business premises. However, with the PreamClean brick cleaning service, you can return your brickwork to its best, and enjoy the property you deserve as a result.

Our service is suitable for a variety of property types, and is available to both residential and commercial customers. We firmly believe there is no job too big or too small, so whether your small domestic outbuilding requires a spruce-up or you wish to clean your entire storefront, we’ll be able to help. If you are unsure whether or not our brick cleaning service is suitable for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch for more information - we’ll do all we can to ensure we’re able to help.

The PreamClean brick cleaning process

  • We use the best possible tools for every job we conduct. For brick cleaning, we use industry-standard high-pressure washers, which are capable of delivering genuinely outstanding results without disturbing the underlying structure of a building.
  • If the staining on your brickwork is particularly stubborn, don’t worry - we’ll still be able to help. In addition to our pressure washers, we can also utilise specialist cleaning agents to enhance overall performance and deliver the results you need.
  • We will use our own generator and water to complete this process, so the entire job can be completed with a minimum of hassle and inconvenience for you.
  • We also endeavour to work as quickly and efficiently as possible, so in the blink of an eye you can enjoy the wonders of sparkling-clean brickwork that you can truly be proud of.
  • This process is suitable for many different types of brickwork staining, including fire and smoke damage, carbon deposits due to traffic pollution, moss and algae growth, and many more besides.
  • As you would expect from a professional company who strive to complete the best possible work for their customers, PreamClean are fully insured, so you can be sure the exterior of your property is in good hands when you hire us to complete your brick cleaning.

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If you wish to enquire regarding our brick cleaning service or wish to book an appointment, please do get in touch today. We are happy to visit your property and provide a free, no obligation quote for the brick cleaning work you require - we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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